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Is this an end to the three putt?!

We hope so!

  • Putt like a Tour player for a day!
  • Speed up play!
  • You and your friends are guaranteed to shoot your career bests!
  • No more three putts!
  • Play a new and unique game with your playing partners!
  • Have a Big Cup Tournament!

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Become a better putter!


The reason the best players in the world make their short putts is because they hit the ball with confidence. The ball pours into the hole, instead of dribbling in the side. The problem with training devices that shrink the hole is that it makes your stroke tentative.

Have you ever tried putting to a smaller hole? Your stroke changes dramatically for the worse.

With The Big Cup, you can learn how to hit those four-foot putts with "make it" speed because we've removed the fear! Learn what it's like to be confident in your stroke, and then take it to the golf course! With a confident, aggressive stroke, you'll make more putts!

The Big Cup is designed to help you enjoy the game.

Use it every time you play, or just on special occasions! You'll love it!